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Cards, Roulette and Art

The world of casinos has always intrigued writers, filmmakers and artists. Take, for example, Edvard Munch, one of the most famous artists of the last century.He was a passionate gambler and a long time guest at the Casino de Monte Carlo. He visited the casino during his stay in Nice, in the south of France and was the inspiration for one of his paintings. There are several paintings that he made from his memory of the interiors.During this period of his career he tried different styles of art, Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Degas and Paul Gaugin were his main sources of inspiration. The subject of Paris in artEdvard Munch is best known for his painting The Scream, a painting known to people all over the world.Other artists have become famous for their paintings related to gambling, and the casino theme can be found in the world of many other artists such as Caravaggio, which shows how much the world of betting is steeped in our past.Edvard Munch is one of the artists who manages to capture a moment or a scene from real life and the roulette table is one of the most underestimated paintings.The painting is done in an impressionist style, which Munch has perfected over time, and manages to recreate the emotions that can occur during a moment at the roulette table.his works make him a pioneer of impressionist art and are part of a movement known as the Symbolist movement.In his native Norway, his paintings have been the subject of much criticism. The works he created were not meant to have a decorative aesthetic, but rather a psychological revelation. His works were often considered unfinished, which offended many art critics at the time.His most popular work is called the Frieze of Life, and many versions of the same paintings have been created.Another famous painter is Paul Cézanne, who is known to have devoted much of his energy to the creation of his style based on the works of Caravaggio and Chardin. His most famous work is that of the card players, a subject that he tackled on several occasions, refining the figures and poses of his objects each time. His concern for a perfect composition is reflected in this collection and he spent a lot of time blurring the scene until every detail was in the right place.In preparation for the creation of his collection, Cézanne made a large number of drawings and character studies, many of which were done by local farm workers. The collection consists of five paintings in total, each of which is of a different size and is considered one of his best works.Finding Art in CasinosIn real life, many casinos can be considered interesting artistic enterprises, such as the Monte Carlo Casino, one of the most recognizable casinos in the world because of its beautiful representation of Art Nouveau.There is also the casino in Baden-Baden in Germany, near the Black Forest.The Baden-Baden, located near the town of the same name, is known for its sumptuous and glamorous interior design.There is also the Bellagio in Las Vegas, which has been the venue for the exhibition of many famous masterpieces.Works by famous masters such as Picasso, Vincent van Gogh.Apart from them, other great names whose work has been created are Toulouse-Lautrec and would expect to find such works only exhibited in a well-known museum.For many, betting is an art form, for others, a passion, and the many online casino platforms can be seen as a museum of different artistic styles, with each casino having its own collection.Slot machines are often of different styles, each of them appealing to different audiences. Many are inspired by popular media, while others seek their own identity. Sometimes art and gambling go hand in hand, and in many situations, one complements the other.

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