Please join us at G44 for an evening of community in support of The Never Alone Foundation. Come enjoy the music of local artist Austin Richman, learn more about the work of NAF and add a piece of original art to your collection. Your support changes lives and creates families.
Featured artists: Catherine Giglio, Jenny Kruckenberg, Gabriella Christians, Wendy Reis and Lori DiPasquale
Opening Night
Friday, August 11
5 – 9 pm

Exhibit Runs August 11 – September 23

Red Threads 2017

Red Threads Art Show – Create, Connect, Community…. 3rd year! I am so honored, humbled and grateful to be looking forward to what has become an annual show. Once a dream, this labor of love is now a grounding event. Last week, Lori DiPasquale (encaustic artist), Jenny Kruckeberg (fine art photographer), Wendy Reis (drawing, collage and painting) and Gabriella Christians (clay, 3D artist) gathered together to talk about this year’s show. They huddled around their computer in Colorado Springs to Facetime me in Fort Collins. These beautiful women – my friends, heart-centered community members, and talented artists – popped up on my screen, and my heart was immediately full.

Four years ago, I asked them to help me create this show based on the legend of The Red Thread of Fate, in support of the work of my friend and former neighbor, Alex Constantinides. He created The Never Alone Foundation in honor of his three daughters, Hannah, Zoe and Lucy and his first wife Laurel, who passed away suddenly in an accident. The Never Alone Foundation helps families bear the cost of international adoption, medical needs and support.

The legend of the Red Thread of Fate is a beautiful message of connection: “An invisible Red Thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it can never break.” This message is one that has brought me great intention and peace to my paintings; it grounds me in our humanity as well as the planet we all share. I was curious about how others would interpret the legend visually. What these artists create through their different media and from their personal experiences is beautiful and stunning. On top of it, they donate 30% of their sales to NAF and we have been fortunate that the galleries who show our work donate, too.

The Red Thread community is a dear and special one, and we look forward to you being a part of it. In addition to being part of this incredible community, you can take home an original piece of art or give one to a special red thread in your life. In doing so, you support a foundation that is full of spirit, heart, integrity, and love.

– Catherine Giglio